Miscellaneous records relating to land and landowners in Waters Upton (but mostly newspaper notices relating to sales or lettings of property).

Records date from: 1777 | 1804 | 1824 | 1830 | 1831 | 1831 (Poll Book) | 1832 (Poll Book) | 1848 | 1854 | 1855 | 1857 | 1859 | 1860 | 1861 | 1862 | 1868 (Poll Book) | 1873 (Return of Owners of Land)

To be Let and entered on at Lady Day next, A FARM in Waters Upton, in the County of Salop, upwards of 60 Acres of good Arable, Pasture and Meadow Land, with an extensive Right of Common upon the Wilde Moore, and a new convenient Publick House, and other Buildings in good Repair. For further Particulars enquire of Mr. Ore, of Orleton.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 22 Mar 1777, page 3. Back to year index

Useful and profitable Farming Stock.
By Wrights,
On the premises, at Waters Upton, near Wellington, in the county of Salop, on Tuesday the 3d day of April, 1804.
ALL the Farming Stock, Implements in Husbandry, and a part of the Household Furniture, of Mr. JOHN WASE, who is declining the farming business: consisting of eleven dairy cows, calved and incalf, five in-calf heifers, on barren ditto, one bullock, six one year old calves; three capital draught horses; thirty-five Ryeland ewes, lambed and in lamb, twenty two yearlings, ditto, fifteen wethers, and three rams of the Ryeland breed; two gilts in pig, eleven store pigs; two waggons, two tumbrels, one long cart and geering, one road cart, tax cart and harness, geering complete for four horses; five pair of harrows, two single ploughs, three stack frames and pillars; five ladders, one large step ladder, land roller, two drag rakes, and two wheelbarrows; a quantity of old iron, and upward of sixty tons of excellent hay, in lots, with a variety of other farming utensils.
The Furniture consists of mahogany and walnut chairs; three pair of bedsteads; oak tables, stands, chests of drawers, and bureau, a quantity of books, law, divinity, &c. five pair of brass candlesticks, fenders, two cheese presses, cheese vats, [churn?], barrels, fourteen wood bottles; pots, kettles, and brass pans; a large quantity of pewter, and other articles; fine high bred black pointer dog, fleet as a greyhound, steady, staunch, points in a superior [stile?] of excellence, and was broke in the last season.
The character of the above Cows, in their own neighbourhood, for good milkers, is beyond description. The Sheep and Hay will be sold in Lots; and as the whole of the property will be disposed of without reserve, in one day, the auctioneers request the early attendance of the public.
Staffordshire Advertiser, 31 Mar 1804, page 4. Back to year index

Waters Upton, Shropshire.
A VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at WATERS UPTON, in the County of Salop, containing upwards of 208 Acres of Arable, Meadow, & Pasture Land, in a high State of Cultivation, well adapted to the Turnip System of Husbandry, in the several Occupations of Thomas Timmis, John Meadows, John Matthews, Thomas Bates, John Turner, William Pidgeon, and Anne Evans, as Tenants at Will. The Turnpike Road from Wellington to Market Drayton goes through the Village, which is four Miles distant from Wellington, and near to Lime and Coal.
The Tenants will shew the Premises; and for further Particulars, and to treat for the same, apply to Mr. EMERY, Burcott, Salop; or to Messrs. DUKES & SALT, Attornies, Shrewsbury, at whose Office a Map of the Estate may be seen.
Salopian Journal, 14 Jul 1824, page 1. Back to year index

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. WYLEY, at the Raven Inn, Wellington, in the county of Salop, on Tuesday the 16th day of November, 1830, at five o’clock in the afternoon, in the following lots, and subject to such conditions as will then be produced:—
LOT I. An excellent Messuage, with suitable Outbuildings, and the following Closes of capital Land, in the occupation of the Representatives of the late Mr. W. Dickin, and containing together 103A. 1R. 15 P. or thereabouts, viz.
1. Messuage, Buildings, &c. [0A. 3R. 11P.]
2. Yard at back [4A. 3R. 35P.]
3. Little Yard [0A. 3R. 25P.]
4. Meadow [6A. 2R. 31P.]
5. Upper Cranmoor [5A. 2R. 19P.]
6. Lower ditto [7A. 0R. 4P.]
7. Little Frumley [0A. 1R. 22P.]
8. Frumley Bank [3A. 3R. 6P.]
9. Part Fox Furlong [0A. 3R. 14P.]
10. Big Leasow [6A. 3R. 6P.]
11. River Leasow [3A. 0R. 7P.]
12. Part Nobridge Meadow [0A. 3R. 10P.]
13. Ditto  ditto [3A. 1R. 14P.]
14. Slang [2A. 0R. 13P.]
15. High Heath [4A. 0R. 2P.]
16. Hare Butt [3A. 0R. 21P.]
17. Big Field [8A. 1R. 23P.]
18. Hill Hole [2A. 3R. 5P.]
19. Sitch Meadow [3A. 3R. 4P.]
20. Sand Hole [5A. 1R. 2P.]
21. Yard before House [2A. 3R. 10P.]
22. Jackson’s Croft [4A. 1R. 10P.]
23. Near Asp Leasow [3A. 1R. 33P.]
24. Far ditto [2A. 2R. 37P.]
25. Britch [2A. 3R. 11P.]
26. Lously [6A. 3R. 26P.]
27. Crab Tree Hill Meadow [4A. 3R. 27P.]
[103A. 1R. 15P.]
LOT II. A new built Cottage, with garden and Crofts adjoining, in the holding of William Lloyd, containing 1A. 0R. 2P. or thereabouts.
LOT III. An excellent house, with Butcher’s House and Croft adjoining, in the holding of John Titley, and containing together 2A. 2R. 6P. or thereabouts.
The above property is pleasantly situate in a fine sporting country, near to excellent markets, lime and coal, and forms a desirable property for investment.
Mrs. Dickin, of Waters Upton, will appoint a person to shew the property; and further particulars may be had of Mr. Wyley, Admaston, near Wellington, or Mr. Nock, Solicitor, of Wellington aforesaid.
Aris’s Birmingham Gazette, 15 Nov 1830, page 4. Back to year index

WATERS UPTON—near High Ercall.
Farming STOCK of Horses, Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Implements, &c.
On the Premises at WATERS UPTON, near High Ercall, in the County of Salop, on Friday; the 29th Day of April, 1831;
ALL the LIVE STOCK, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, Brewing and Dairy Vessels, Part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, and other Effects; the Property of Mr. THOMAS TIMMIS, who is leaving the Farm.
The STOCK comprises 13 capital Dairy Cows calved and in-calf (prime Milkers), 5 two-years old Heifers, 4 two-years old Bullocks, 5 Yearlings; 8 very useful Waggon Horses and Mares (two in-foal), Grey three-years old Filly, a capital four-years old Bay Gelding, useful as Hack or Hunter; 8 yearling Ewes lambed and in- lamb, 5 yearling Wethers, 1 capital two-years old Ram; 2 Sows, Gilt in pig, 13 Store Pigs, 1 Boar.
IMPLEMENTS, &c.—One very capital new-built narrow-wheel Waggon with Harvest Gearing complete, 1 narrow-wheel Ditto with Ditto, 2 broad wheel Tumbrels, 1 narrow-wheel Ditto, double-wheel Plough, 2 single Ditto (equal to new), 3 Pair of Harrows (one Pair quite new), Pair of Twins, Land Roll, 10 Sets of good Gearing (four Sets quite new), excellent Winnowing Machine, large Scales and Weights, 3 Heel Rakes, 2 Palling Irons, 2 Waggon Ropes, Sieves, Riddles, Pikels, Rakes, Mattocks, Spades, Shovels, Sharavels [North Shropshire term for a dung-hook], Iron Crow, Hopper, 2 Cranks and Chains, Corn Coffers, long Ladder, Malt Mill, Grindstone, Felloes, Cow Chains, Quantity of Bags, Fishing Net, Half-Strike, Pig-troughs, and numerous Implements of Husbandry; Quantity of Turnip Seed; 2 excellent Stone Cheese Presses, with all the capital Dairy and Brewing Vessels, Harvest Bottles; some Household Furniture, 2 excellent Furnaces and Grates, Kitchen Grate with Oven and Boiler, Pit Grate, Crane, &c. &c.
The Sale to commence at Half-past Ten punctually.
Salopian Journal, 27 Apr 1831, page 3. Back to year index 

Freeholders who voted, 1831
Dicken John, Waters Upton, farmer [H, L]
Griffiths John, Waters Upton, maltster [H, L]
Icke Robert, Waters Upton, innkeeper [H, L]
Willetts [= Willett] Wright, Waters Upton, clergyman [H, P]
A Correct Alphabetical List of the Freeholders Who Voted … at the Election for the County of Salop, on Monday, May 9th, 1831, and following days. Copy viewed at Google Books.
[H = Sir Rowland Hill, of Hawkestone (Tory), P = John Cressett Pelham, of Cound (Tory); L = William Lloyd, of Aston (Whig); M = John Mytton, of Halston (Whig)]
Note: The 1831 election brought the Whigs into power with a mandate for electoral reform. The resulting Representation of the People Act 1832 increased the size of the electorate to include more landowners and leaseholders, and a further election then took place in 1832 (see below). Back to year index

Wellington District, Booth No. 1 [Waters Upton residents only]
Davies, Matthew, Waters Upton, tailor [C]
Dicken, John, Waters Upton, farmer [H, C]
Griffiths, John, Waters Upton, maltster [H, C]
Icke, William, Waters Upton, victualler [H, C]
Matthews, Thomas, Waters Upton, farmer [C]
Turner, John, Waters Upton, farmer [H, C]
Willett, Wright, Waters Upton, clergyman [H, G]
Shropshire Election, Northern Division. List of the Electors who Voted; and those persons who tendered to Vote, December 18th and 19th, 1832 (published 1833). Copy viewed at Ancestry – UK, Poll Books and Electoral Registers, 1538-1893.
[H = Sir Rowland Hill, of Hawkestone (Tory); C = John Cotes, of Woodcote (Whig); G = William Ormsby Gore of Porkington (Tory)] Back to year index

TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by J. HOLLAND, at the house of Mr. Icke, the Swan Inn, Waters Upton aforesaid, on Friday next the 5th day of May, at four o’clock in the afternoon, in the following lots, and subject to such conditions of sale as will then be produced:—
Lot 1.—All that piece of parcel of superior old TURF LAND, together with the small Garden and space of Land adjoining thereto, used as a road to the back of the said Swan Inn, as staked out, called by the name of the “Pinfold Croft,” and now containing by admeasurement 1A. 1R. 10P. or thereabouts, now in the possession of Mr. Rider.
This lot has an extensive frontage to the Turnpike Road leading from Waters Upton to Wellington, is admirably situated for building upon, and a Stone Quarry is opened therein.
Lot 2.—All that BRICK and TILE DWELLING HOUSE, erected within a short period, together with the Blacksmith’s Shop, Pent-house, Piggeries, Gardens, Pond, and Croft of Land thereto adjoining, pleasantly situate, and adjoining the Turnpike Road in Waters Upton aforesaid, containing by admeasurement 2R. 11P., now in the several possessions of Samuel Tudor and James Ridgway.
This lot is exceedingly well situated for a Blacksmith, and will be sold subject to a right of road to the Stone Quarries and other Property belonging to Mr. Whitfield and Mr. Rider, as staked out.
Lot 3.—All that MESSUAGE or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Piggery, Oven, Out-offices, and extensive Gardens of superior quality adjoining thereto, planted with fruit trees, situate and adjoining the road leading from Waters Upton to the Shray Hill and Land belonging to Mr. Whitfield, containing by admeasurement 0A. 2R. 29P., and now in the occupation of Robert Woolley.
Lot 4.—All that piece or parcel of excellent Arable LAND, now into two parts divided, called by the name of the “Lane Croft,” containing by admeasurement 1A. 1R. 25P. or thereabouts, and now in the possession of William Pidgeon.
This lot is situate near to lot 3, and adjoins Land belonging to Mr. John Williams.
At the same time and place, a quantity of TIMBER TREES, of useful dimenions, now fallen and lying in a Croft of Land near the Church, in Waters Upton aforesaid, will also be Sold by Auction in the following suitable lots. viz.:—
Lot 1.—Three Sycamore Trees.
Lot 2.—Ten Ash ditto.
Lot 3.—Three ditto.
Lot 4.—Eight Trees and pieces of Alder.
Lot 5.—Three capital Elm Trees.
Lot 6.—Sixteen excellent Ash ditto.
Lot 7.—Twenty ditto.
Lot 8.—Two large Poplars.
To view the respective lots of Property, and also the Timber, apply to Samuel Ridgway, of Waters Upton aforesaid; and for any further information to the Auctioneer, Newport, Salop.
Aris’s Birmingham Gazette, 1 May 1848, page 4. Back to year index

To be Sold by Auction, by
At the Swan Inn, Waters-Upton, on Friday, February 10th, 1854, at four o’clock in the afternoon precisely, in five lots, or otherwise, as may then be determined, and subject to conditions to be then produced,
NOW in full business, called “Swan Inn” aforesaid, situate at Waters-Upton, six miles from Wellington, with the excellent garden, malthouse, stable, piggeries, and other outbuildings appurtenant thereto; also, four pieces or parcels of sound Arable and Meadow LAND, near to the said premises, and which are now in the occupation of Mrs. Eleanor Icke, and contain in the whole 5a. 2r. 25p. or thereabouts. And also, a superior piece of parcel of ARABLE LAND, called the “Pinfold Croft,” situate near to the last mentioned Premises, containing 1a. 1r. 9p. or thereaboits, and now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Icke. And also, two pieces of excellent Arable LAND (formerly in one), called the “Cross Britch,” situate in the township of Rowton, adjoining the public highway leading from Waters-Upton to Ellerdine Heath, containing in the whole 5a. 3r. 29p. or thereabouts, also in the occupation of Mr. Robert Icke.
The above property is very desirable either for occupation or investment, an excellent business having been some years past on the premises; and part of the land is very eligible for building purposes.
N.B. Part of the purchase money may, if desired, remain secured on mortgage.
Mr. Robert Icke, of the Swan, will upon application, shew the lots, and produce a plan thereof for inspection; and printed particulars may be had at the place of sale; from Mr. Robert Atcherley, the Moortown, near High Ercall; at the office of the Auctioneer, Wellington; or from Mr. Palin, Solicitor, Shrewsbury & Wellington.
Wellington Journal, 1 Feb 1854, page 2. Back to year index

At Waters Upton, near Wellington.
At the Swan Inn, Waters Upton, near Wellington, on Friday, the 18th of May, 1855, at Six o’clock in the Evening, subject to conditions to be then produced.
ALL that old-established and well-accustomed Road-side PUBLIC-HOUSE, being the Swan Inn aforesaid, together with an Excellent Garden, Superior Malt-House, and the following pieces of Land, viz:—
Part of Quarry Piece   …   …   0  1  39
Pink House Meadow  …   …   1   2  37
Part of Pink House Croft   …   0  3  27
Pink House Croft        …   …   0  3  14
Total   3  3  37
This desirable property is situate midway between Wellington and Hodnet. The house is commodious, in a good state of repair, and proper suitable outbuildings. It is the only house in the village of Waters Upton having Wine and Spirit Licences, and for many years past a lucrative business is well known to have been carried out at the same.
Mr. Harper will shew the premises on application, and further particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneer, or Mr. Marcy, Solicitor, both of Wellington.
Wellington Journal, 1 May 1855, page 2. Back to year index

On Wednesday, April 1st, 1857, on the premises at Waters Upton, now in the occupation of Mr. William Harper, who is giving up housekeeping,
ALL the useful Household FURNITURE, Feather Beds, Tent Bedsteads, Six pairs of home-made Linen Sheets, 30-hour Clock, Oak Dresser and Shelves, Tables, Chairs, Set of Steelyards, Yorkshire Grate, 20-gallon Boiler, Barrels, Tubs, Garden Tools, and numerous other effects, the whole of which will be sold without the least reserve.
Sale to commence at ONE o’clock precisely.
Wellington Journal, 28 Mar 1857, page 2. Back to year index

Five miles from Wellington, on the Turnpike Road to Market Drayton.
On TUESDAY, 22nd November, 1859.
HAS received instructions from the Executors of the late Mr. Thomas Whitfield, to SELL by AUCTION the valuable FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, Growing Turnips, and Grass-eating, on the farm at Waters Upton ; comprising—9 dairy cows in calf, 5 barren cows, short horn bull (two years old), 8 half-meated cross-bred Hereford bullocks and heifers (rising two years old), 4 calves, 6 draught horses and their gears, 26 fat sheep, 1 Leicester ram, 32 breeding ewes, and 35 cross-bred Leicester lambs, breeding sow and gilt in-pig, 17 small store pigs, about 17 acres of swedes and three acres of turnips (in lots of about one or two acres, which may be taken off), grass eating of the farm to the 2nd of February next (in one or more lots), 8 dozen of iron hurdles, 3 waggons, 3 tumbrels, ploughs, harrows, &c., &c. as per catalogues.
Sale at Twelve o’clock.
Wellington Journal, 12 Nov 1859, page 2. Back to year index

Mr. T. W. JONES, at the Swan Inn, Waters-Upton, on Tuesday, the 10th day of April, 1860, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, in seven lots, subject to conditions, a well-built brick and tile DWELLING-HOUSE, with Gardens and all necessary Farm Buildings, two COTTAGES and Gardens, together with about 85 acres of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and Turnip and Barley LAND, pleasantly situated at Waters-Upton, on the turnpike road leading from Wellington to Market Drayton, in the county of Salop, and now in the occupation of the vendor, Mr. William Taylor, or his undertenants.
Possession can be had immediately after the sale, and three-fourths of the purchase money of any lot may remain on mortgage, at moderate interest.
Printed particulars and lithographed plans, with any further information, can be obtained at the place of sale; from Samuel Minor, Esq., Meeson, near Wellington; or at the Offices of the Auctioneer, or Mr. W. M. Taylor, Solicitor, both of Wellington.
Shrewsbury Chronicle, 7 Apr 1860, page 4. Added 1 Nov 2015. Back to year index

At the Swan Inn, Waters Upton, on Tuesday, the 9th day of April, 1861, at Five o’clock in the afternoon, in two lots, and subject to conditions to be then produced:—
Lot 1.
ALL that valuable roadside old-licensed INN, called “The Swan,” situate at Waters Upton aforesaid, adjoining the turnpike road leading from Wellington to Hodnet, with the Malthouse, Outbuildings, Fold Sheds, Garden and piece of Land attached, the whole containing 1a. 0r. 17p., or thereabouts, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Martin.
Lot 2.
All those three Pieces or Parcels of ARABLE and MEADOW LAND, situate on the opposite side of the turnpike road to the last lot, and adjoining lands belonging to the Duke of Sutherland and Mr. Titley, also occupied by Mrs. Martin, and containing together 3a. 1r. 38p., or thereabouts.
The above property is very desirable, either for occupation or investment, an excellent business having been carried on upon the premises for many years past. Three-fourths of the purchase money may remain or [= on] mortgage, if required. Possession of Lot 1 may be had at Midsummer next, and of Lot 2 immediately.
To view the property apply upon the premises, and for any further information at the office of the Auctioneer, or Messrs. Marcy and Hiatt, solicitors, Wellington.
Wellington Journal, 6 Apr 1861, page 2. Back to year index

At Wellington and Waters-Upton,
At the Raven Inn, Wellington, on Thursday, April 3rd, 1862, at Five o’clock in the evening:
Lot 2.
A piece of LAND, containing two roods and 14 perches, or thereabouts, called “The Bridge Meadow,” situate at Waters-Upton, now in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Titley.
Wellington Journal, 22 Mar 1862, page 2. Back to year index

At the Swan Inn, Waters Upton, on Saturday, Jan. the 11th, 1868, at Five o’clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other lot or lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to such conditions as will then be produced:
Lot 1.
ALL those Three newly-erected COTTAGES, with the Gardens and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate in Waters Upton aforesaid, in the several occupations of Mrs. A. E. Vaughan, Mrs. Jane Austin, and Mr. William Whitfield, containing by admeasurement 3r. 16p. or thereabouts.
Lot 2.
All that CROFT OF LAND now staked out, adjoining Lot 1, in the occupation of Mrs. A. E. Vaughan, containing 3r. 5p. or thereabouts.
Mrs. Jane Austin, on the premises, will shew the Lots.
For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, Wellington, Salop; Mr. Samuel Minor, Meeson, Wellington; or to Mr. W. R. Minor, 26, Brown-street, Manchester.
Wellington Journal, 4 January 1868, page 4. Back to year index

Freeholders and £50 Occupiers.
[J] 532 Blantern, Robert
[G, N] 533 Boycott Richard Hinchesman
[G, N] 534 Davies John Bayley
[-] 535 Felton John, see 333 F
[J] 536 Fletcher Thomas
[J] 537 Jones George
[N, J] 538 James John
[N] 539 Lloyd Joseph
[G, N] 540 Morgan William
[J] 541 Mullis Edward
[-] 542 Powell William
[G, N] 543 Titley Thomas
[-] 544 Williams John
£12 Occupiers.
[-] 545 Casewell William
[-] 546 Jeffries George
[J] 547 Lloyd William
[-] 548 Morgan John
[G, N] 549 Tudor Samuel
Poll Book of the Election, November, 1868, for the Northern Division of Shropshire.
[G = J. R. Ormsby Gore, Esq. N = The Viscount Newport. J = R. G. Jebb, Esq.]
Back to year index

Return of Owners of Land, 1873
Name of Owner | Address of Owner. | Extent of Lands [A. R. P.] | Gross Estimated Rental [£ s.]
Aston, George | Waters Upton | 4 3 31 | 10 3
Blantern, Robert | Waters Upton | 16 1 23 | 50 –
Davies, Elizabeth | Waters Upton | 1 2 36 | 8 –
Glebe Land | Waters Upton | 32 2 20 | 65 14
Lloyd, Joseph | Waters Upton | 1 – 2 | 7 –
Martin, Mary | Waters Upton | 1 – 14 | 30 –
Rider, Sarah | Waters Upton | 1 2 12 | 18 –
Taylor, John | Waters Upton | 861 1 35
Titley, Thomas | Waters Upton | 11 2 30 | 51 5
William, John | Waters Upton | 38 1 28 | 85 –
Wood, James | Waters Upton | 2 – 22 | 12 –
Wood, Sarah | Waters Upton | 1 3 20 | 20 –
Back to year index


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